پیروزی استراتژی کانونهای شورشی علیه سرکوب و اختناقـ مهدی ابریشمچی

قائد قوى الأمن الداخلي في طهران يبدي ذعره من انتفاضة ليلة الثلاثاء الأخير(جهارشنبه سوري)

Over 100 PACE Members Call for Immediate Release of Iran Protesters

HUMAN RIGHTS THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TOOK PART IN THE FUNERAL OF A PROTESTER WHO WAS KILLED BY THE REVOLUTIONARY GUARDS Created: 23 January 2018 IranNCRIHuman rightsProtestsDemonstration Iran Uprising – No. 53 The body of the Pahlevan (champion) Seyyed Ebrahim Rasouli, brave son of the people of Eghlid (Fars province), was buried on Sunday, Janury 21, with the participation of thousands of people. Ebrahim Rassouli, who was known for chivalry, affluent ethics and helping the poor among the people of Eghlid, was killed on January 18, in an assault by police force mercenaries. Read more ... IRAN: EXECUTION OF FIVE YOUNG PRISONERS AND HAND AMPUTATION OF ANOTHER IN THREE DAYS Created: 20 January 2018 IranNCRIHuman rightsProtestsExecution During the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people against the detested rule of Velayat-e faqih, the regime's judiciary executed five young prisoners from January 15 to 17. On January 17, a brutal sentence to amputate a young man's hand for stealing several sheeps was carried out in Read more ... RECEPTION OF MULLAHS’ OFFICIAL IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE IN THE MIDST OF THE UPRISING IN IRAN

Iranian activists write slogans and graffiti on the walls against Iran Supreme leader, Khamenei